Entrepreneurial responsibility and activity in consideration of sustainability are very important for us.

All the leathers we buy or sell are only produced out of animal hides coming from animals that were slaughtered because of meat production. The animal hide is a slaughter by - product and mankind has produced leather out of these hides since thousands of years.

We make sure that our leather suppliers produce the leathers environmentally friendly according to the latest state while respecting the Working Conditions Act.

The tanning process with mineral, vegetable and synthetic tanning agents is mainly applied for the production of leather.

O`leaf tan® by Leder Reinhardt

We offer premium leather with 100% sustainable olive tree leaves tanning agent under the label „O`leaf tan® by Leder Reinhardt“. Extracts with tanning effect are obtained from olive tree leaves. Up to now, these leaves were burnt directly after the olive crop. By using the olive leaves tanning agents, the by - products of the olive crop can be used in meaningful ways. The wet - green® technology allows the production of ecological premium leathers from the point of view of sustainability. All residual materials of the tanning are completely recyclable. Our leathers are produced according to national and international environmental certificates to protect human health and environment.

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