Leather processing

We offer more than just leather and look beyond the edge of the leather hide by supporting our customers regarding the processing of the leather. Therefore, we are able to offer the following leather products:

Leather-processingPerforations – functionality and decoration all in one

Perforations do not only provide a beautiful surface, this kind of leather processing is also extremely functional! The perforation allows a convenient heat and humidity exchange by the air circulation. Perforations are particularly for this reason popular in the field of automotive, garment and orthopaedics. Depending on the applications, a variant diversity of perforation can be chosen.
Our sample card “perforations” shows you different examples.

Shaving – simplify the processing of the chosen leather

The chosen leather is too thick for your products? We discuss with you the best possibility to simplify the processing of the leather, either by shaving or splitting the leather.

Prints – create an individual touch for your leather products

Printing of leather is of great importance to get a special feel and appearance. You have high demands on the appearance of the leather? We support you to get the most suitable print.

Milling and staking – discover the different opportunities to soften leather

The natural product leather invites to touch the ready product and many customers desire the leathers as soft as possible. There are different opportunities to achieve this aim, among others milling or staking the leather. Staking loosens the leather fibres with special machines, whereas the leathers are taken into a small drum with big diameter and tumbled dryly when milling them. We can offer you this service with our own milling drum.

Stitching – precious decoration to emphasise the elegant character of the leather

Leather appears even finer and more graceful with fine stitching. Each product gets its individual touch and represents the signature of the producer or the owner. We are pleased to advise you regarding our high quality stitching and the almost unlimited possibilities to optimize your products.

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