Further Types of Leather for the most varied applications

Our extensive warehouse includes further, different leather types.

Technical leather

Technical leathers are often highly stressed. Due to their specifications, technical leathers as drive belts, leathers for safety at work, seals and other belts perform their service persistently, even under high load.

Leather for belts

Belts made of split leather or grain leathers can be found in each discount store. The main difference is the quality. Our leathers for belts stand for a particularly high quality and durability accompanied by a long form for the perfect cut result.

Leather for shoes

Leathers that are used for shoes, such as lining leather and shoe upper leather are subject to extraordinary high requirements. Breathability, form stability and at the same time a high wearing comfort are just a few required characteristics. Our special lining leathers and shoe upper leathers show all the features that are necessary for a qualitatively high – value and long – lasting shoe.

Cow hides

Cow hides are popular decoration hides. They can be used in various manners: as robust carpet in the entrance area, as modern pouf in the living room or as eye catcher in the form of a bag. Cow hides are always incomparable and each hide is a unique one. Please ask for photos of the currently available colourations or designs.

You will find the optimum leather care products in our online shop:

Color Cards for Download

  • Borneo

    Wear – resistant artificial leather for upholstery

    Use: furniture, leather goods, contract business, accessories

    Thickness: 1,1
    Surface: PVC - embossed
    Carrier: polyester, jersey
    Number of colours: 28
    Inflammability: DIN EN 1021-1+2 BS 5852
  • Melbourne

    Wear – resistant artificial leather for highest requirements

    Use: furniture, contract business, boat, spa, medical facilities
    Thickness: 1,1 mm
    Surface: slight grain design
    Carrier: polyester fleece
    Number of colours: 15
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